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Close-up Magic

"The show-stopper for your events"


What Oliver does exactly?
Table magic is the art of encanting “small“ groups of people. At a gala reception, to loosen up conference events, at the end of a company seminar, and so on and so on. The possibilities of a table magician are endless. Are you looking for the highlight of your company party, which neither interrupts nor disturbs? Then you’ve found the right table magician for your event.
You want a great party! For that, you need a great magician.
What to expect from me
No tricks! Magician Oliver Henke presents astounding close up magic and a fascinating stage show. Modern, refreshing and impressive magical arts that will enrapture and sweep your guests away. See for yourself…
Close-up or strolling magician Oliver Henke occupied himself with close up magic at the beginning of his magic career. He can perform the craziest card acts, make money appear out of thin air, transform currency or even make money disappear. Wine bottles will fall through solid tables and your finger rings will appear in the most impossible places. Be curious and hear inexplicable predictions.