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Stage Magic

"Are you ready for a amazing experience?"
Magic Stage Show – “Magic is real – google it!”
Why you think about to hire a stage magician?
If you are looking for an illusionist or magician to offer something „new“ and special to your guests, then Oliver Henke is just for you.
Illusionist and mentalist Oliver Henke’s stage programme offers material for conversation and first class entertainment. The combination of modern magical arts and sophisticated comedy makes a show which is „different“! Experience extraordinary magic with your own eyes!
Experience, live, how unbelieveble things happen and none in the audience can explain what strange things
are happening. The stage shows are suitable for groups of 50 – 1000 people.
Why shoud you hire Oliver for your event?

Magician Oliver Henke presents astounding close-up magic and a fascinating stage show.


Modern, refreshing and impressive magical arts that will enrapture and sweep your guests away.


Mental Magic Stage Show – “I know what you are thinking!
If you want to offer your guests and clients a highlight, then a mentalist show from Oliver Henke is a must have! After one of his shows you will be left thinking, „Is that really possible?
How did he know that?“ Oliver Henke has been working on mentalism for years.
Find out what is possible, with the help of suggestion, intuition, body language and of course, magic. Go down the rabbit hole or keep your head on – a mentalist show guarantees you conversation material and something to contemplate.